Thursday, January 10, 2013

Online FAQ's on Web-Services testing using SoapUI and GroovyScript

Hi All,
Post all you queries on SOAPUI and Groovy Script, I will try my best to Help you out.

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  1. I need help on to add multiple xml nodes in the request based on the data source. As you see as below,
    I have product that I want to verify the price of products by state and location. State can have only one product or multiple products. Based on this scenario, I would like to add Product Detail xml node based on the data source.

    Here is sample file that I have created.





    Data set in excel

    State Location ProductName ProductDetail Prices

    VA Arlington Apple IPhone4 600

    Reston Apple Iphone5 700

    MA Fairfax Apple IPhone4 600

    MD Gaithersburg Apple Iphone4 500

    Gaithersburg Apple Iphone5 600

    Gaithersburg Apple IPod 495

    GA Chantilly Apple IPhone4 300

    Please let me know

    Thank you

    1. Hi Anonymous,
      I am really sorry to say about you query, i want to keep my blogs as much possible as Original i don't want to copy things from other sites and post here,

      for you query i have searched in Google i got below links this may help you..

      and thank to


  2. Hi, Can you please post an example on JDBC Request.

    1. hi Adi,

      i have documented the post on it shortly i will post it another blog..

      thanks for your time

  3. Hi could you please tell me how to return multiple value from Groovy Script